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Explain the use of concepts in sociology in contrast to available heuristics.


The available heuristics is a mental shortcut used by an individual to make instant and fast decision-making based on the present situations. However, the analytical sociological concept make decision-making by proper explanation of the facts through detailed focus on the interactions and actions resulting the situation. Thus, analytical concept involves cutting edge stimulation technique to derive the outcomes of the experienced situation. As mentioned by Jackson and Cox (2013, p.27), experimental concept selects the use of hypothesis to resolve a situation based on comparing the reliability and validity of the outcomes of each hypothesis applied by the individual. As argued by Brunsma et al. (2013, p.481), the available heuristic is used by individuals in case of first response to a situation by relying on spontaneous reaction achieved because of the present experience. However, analytical concept is used by focussing on the rational thought which is developed through a slower process and evident mental effort of the individual. Further, in comparison to fast response analytical concept uses logical reasoning and substantial evidence for decision-making. Moreover, the contrasting experimental concept to available heuristics relies on using added effort and examination of various hypotheses to solve a single issue. Thus, experimental concept is based on intuitive and automatic responses by the brain of individuals made on the achieved resulted of the hypothesis. Moreover, this requires lower effort than analysing concept as the consciousness of the person is required in this process.

Explain some of the aims of circuit of knowledge as a research model

The aim of the circuit of knowledge as a research model is used to develop an enquiry related to the social science theories and concepts. Moreover, it aims to vividly define the common sociological concept by helping us to improve our thought process to develop a phenomenal example. The circuit of knowledge aims to use the evaluation of the concepts to develop proper claims to solve the raised situation. Further, it aims to deliver that evidence required to be carefully handed because it cannot speak for itself. The aim also is to resolve and contradict original questions those are generated from new questions (Hess and Frickel, 2014, p.15).


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