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Why do students lack while writing a nursing case study assignment?

Why do students lack while writing a nursing case study assignment?

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The student nurses require to complete nursing case study assignments to effectively present their theoretical knowledge and its implication in managing care for patients. The process of completing the assignment is not smooth as many students lack different skills, making it hard for them to write all facts in an enhanced manner. Here, I am going to mention a few skills that are lacking in student nurses while writing a nursing case study assignment which leads them to face hindrances in accomplishing effective writing to get good grades.

Few skills that are lacking in nursing students while writing a case study assignment

1. Communication Skill

The student nurses lack effective communication skills while writing nursing case study assignments. This is evident because few of the students are found to write information in the case study in a limited manner from which enhanced analysis of the patient could not be properly made. It leads to improper presentation of nursing assessment in the assignment and hinders the development of an effective care plan. The lack of communication skills also hinders the student nurses unable to present all the details of the patients which creates a barrier to finding the key needs of the individuals in the assignment.

2. Poor research ability

The student nurses are found to lack effective research skills in writing a nursing assignment at times which leads them to critically present data in the assignment. It is evident as poor research skills lead the nurses unable to determine the cause of any health issues of the patients related to the case study. Moreover, it causes hindrance for the student nurses to determine which intervention would be most effective in caring for the patients presented in the case study. Poor research skills also create hindrances in gathering enhanced resources required to present the case study. Thus, the lack of skill leads to poor writing and presentation of facts in the case study.

3. Time management ability

Some of the nursing students are found to lack effective time management ability in completing a nursing case study assignment within the deadline. This is because they show a lack of ability in making an enhanced outline for the assignment which makes them remain confused regarding the way to start and extend the writing. It makes them take increased time to frame the task. Moreover, the student nurses being busy with classes and practical work are found to have less time for writing assignments. It leads them to show poor concentration in framing the case study which leads at times to vital information about the patients being skipped. It leads the tutor while checking the assignment trouble in getting links with the explained needs and treatment which eventually makes them provide low grades to the students.

4. Referencing skills

In nursing case study assignments, referencing is equally important as other assignments. However, few nursing students are found to lack the skill that leads them to face hindrances in writing an effective assignment. It is evident as student nurses are seen to face trouble with identifying the way the style of reference is to be maintained in citing the sources used in writing the case study.

The presentation of effective referencing is important as it leads you to mention the tutor regarding the sources being used in writing the case study which they can refer to and read to relate if the shared arguments are considered to be true and can be sued in performing evidence-based practice. Moreover, the students at times are seen to miss adding one or two references which lead to hinder the reader to understand why they could check further for the shared facts in the case study to understand the argued statement.

5. Lack of idea of patient status presentation

At times, the student nurses are seen to fail in mentioning all the vital health history of the patient in the case study. It leads to create hindrances in determining the holistic health status of the patients and the nature of care required to be provided to the patients. It creates a gap in care planning which leads the student nurses to show incapability in delivering care. This is because case study assignments are provided to the nursing student to examine their range of capability and skills to deliver care to patients in real-life conditions with similar illnesses and symptoms as discussed in the study.

6. Proofreading skill

Poor proofreading skills in writing case study assignment leads the student nurses often make mistakes in adding an appendix at the end. This is because they forget to check if all the information is present and casually submit the assignment. It leads the student nurses to fail to mention details of the patient mentioned in the case study. It leads the reader to face hindrances in understanding certain aspects of the case and why the nature of care is provided. The lack of proofreading skills also leads the student nurses to keep the error words or sentences in the case study, leading to delayed understanding for the readers as they cannot determine what the writer wishes to specify in the mentioned writing.

7. Critical Thinking

In some cases, it is seen that student nurses lack effective critical thinking ability in writing case study assignments. Critical thinking is essential in presenting well-analysed data along with providing arguments regarding specific care or treatment being chosen for the patients in the case study. However, the lack of skill makes the students fail to provide effective arguments for the chosen care and convince the readers of the utility of recommended treatment being specifically needed by the patient. Moreover, the lack of critical thinking leads the student nurses to fail to effectively determine the priority of needs for the patients. It leads them to describe care and treatment for needs that may be ignored leading poor definition of care management for the patient.

8. Appropriate language use

The student nurses in writing case study assignments at times show a lack of ability to use appropriate language. This is because a few of them are confused regarding when formal and informal writing is to be maintained in the assignment. It leads to create poor content which is marked low by the tutor.

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Nursing students need to complete nursing case study assignments with proper knowledge and skills. As many students lack different skills while writing their assignments, they can read the above steps and try to improve their skills.

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